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Develop and implement state-of-the-art software for our high-tech production. Stay on the ball with continuous further training.
| Job No.: 1463 | Location: Switzerland
You will work closely together with an interdisciplinary team to establish the supply chain for our innovative products at the highest level.
| Job No.: 1457 | Location: Switzerland
Be responsible for installation to weekly maintenance of our production machines. Solve technical problems of different nature.
| Job No.: 1456 | Location: Switzerland
Help us to increase our differential pressure and gas flow sensors' market share.
| Job No.: 1450 | Location: Switzerland
You advise existing environmental sensor customers and acquire new ones; you also develop solutions together with the customer. Global travel: max 25%
| Job No.: 1410 | Location: Switzerland
You manage corporate marketing and communications and ensure that the products and company are well positioned on the market together with your team.
| Job No.: 1418 | Location: Switzerland
As Product Manager Particulate Matter Sensors, you contribute to the improvement of air quality worldwide.
| Job No.: 1449 | Location: Switzerland
You will be leading our R&D team in Shanghai, driving the site forward, providing direction, vision and values with your proven managerial track record.
| Job No.: 1453 | Location: China
Develop innovative sensor technology for the automotive market.
| Job No.: 1438 | Location: Switzerland
As a technical contact, you develop exciting sensor applications for our international customers in various markets.
| Job No.: 1445 | Location: Switzerland
Lay the groundwork for the next sensor innovation with your expertise and commitment.
| Job No.: 1433 | Location: Switzerland
Secure Sensirion's future as no.1 in the sensor market! Assist in the development of new and innovative particulate matter sensors.
| Job No.: 1429 | Location: Switzerland
Join the gas meter R&D team and become part of the technical side of our international customer projects.
| Job No.: 1419 | Location: Switzerland
Deepen relationships with our international customers. Implement smart energy projects together with customers.
| Job No.: 1414 | Location: Switzerland
Make future product innovations possible with your expertise and commitment as a sensor calibration expert.
| Job No.: 1391 | Location: Switzerland

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