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Help the environmental sensor processes team to develop new production processes for our innovative products.
| Job No.: 1576 | Location: Switzerland
Help us to develop new sensor solutions for the future.
| Job No.: 1592 | Location: Switzerland
Help us develop a new application in customer electronics.
| Job No.: 1589 | Location: Switzerland
Help us to develop data analysis tools to constantly improve the production efficiency of our gas flow sensors.
| Job No.: 1582 | Location: Switzerland
Gain a comprehensive insight into the research and development of new sensor solutions.
| Job No.: 1581 | Location: Switzerland
Help us to develop new generations of our humidity and temperature sensors.
| Job No.: 1585 | Location: Switzerland
Support us in the development of physical principles of new measuring methods with microthermal sensors.
| Job No.: 1586 | Location: Switzerland

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